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Nexterra reaches financial close on second biomass plant in the UK

Nexterra has reached financial close on the its second biomass plant in the UK. Nexterra and its partners participated in the development and financing of the £51.6 m Welland Waste Wood Power Plant loted in Northamptonshire, UK. The Welland project is the second biomass gasifition power plant developed in co-operation with Balfour Beatty Investments, Cogen, MWH Treatment and Nexterra. The project will be operational in 2017.
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Boiler arrives at Birmingham
Bio Power site

The 140 tonne boiler was delivered at the Birmingham Bio Power site in March. The boiler is a key component of the gasifition plant expected to be commissioned in 2016.
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Nexterra Solutions

This Nexterra corporate video was prepared by Export Development nada (EDC), an Industry Partner that is assisting the company to respond effectively to international business opportunities.


Media Coverage

Energy Boost

Nexterra’s biomass gasifition systems are using waste biomass to provide heat and power at industrial and institution sites throughout North Ameri and beyond.

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